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Hair & Saliva Testing

Discover your level of wellness through a comprehensive hair and saliva analysis. More testing capabilities than any other at-home test.


30 hormones tested


Full plan of action


Full toxicity & nutrition panel


Follow-up call included


30 hormones tested


99% success rate

Experience Full Body Balance with Home Health Testing

Are you considering home health testing? The inner workings of our bodies are often a mystery. From our organs to our hormones to our unique reactions to the environment around us, the systems within us operate unseen, leaving much of what we know about our personal health and wellness to guesswork. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We don’t believe in guessing when it comes to understanding—and remedying—the health of your body. The Full Scan is a leader in home health testing kits, allowing individuals to gain deep insights into what’s working in their bodies, what requires attention, and what remedies would be most useful in obtaining better health.

As one of the most successful and complete services we offer, the Full Scan serves as an excellent introduction to home health testing. Take the guesswork out of your health, and let real, personalized data guide you toward a fuller and more balanced life.

Click here to view list of sensitivites tested.

What is the Full Scan?

The Full Scan is designed to help individuals take control over their health, right from their own home.
It works like this: We send you a convenient collection kit, which you return with a sample of your hair, saliva, and/or nail clippings. The samples you send are then analyzed in our testing center, and a detailed report based on our findings is sent to you within about 15 business days.


The report that you receive will give you key insights into what exactly is going on in your body, including areas of high stress or weakness, food and environmental sensitivities, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, and resonating toxins that are keeping your body from achieving true balance.

The information we garner serves a few primary purposes. For starters, the more that we learn about how your body is functioning and what nutrients it may be lacking, the better we are able to apply natural principles and determine which specific remedies you would most benefit from. Remedies are all natural, and include nutritional supplements, as well as herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Learning this information helps you answer your own health questions and make better health decisions. The goal is to bring your body back into balance, remove unwanted physical stress, and help you achieve optimum health.

Testimonial: Lisa's Experience

I was tired and had no energy, felt foggy headed. It was a lot of menopausal symptoms, I also wasn't sleeping well. Probably the lack of energy and foggy headed were the biggest complaint. 

I was irritated all the time, felt hopeless because I was so tired all the time, I was hoping this wasn't how it had to be. I wanted to enjoy life with my husband, kids, and grandkids! 

Yep! That's why when we started to change my supplements back in August I think...I started feeling bad again, and just wanted to get back to feeling good again! Life is good, not many aches and pains for being almost 58, I sleep pretty good, I have good energy, and clear thinking most days. Every day isn't wonderful, but definitely in a good place🤗

A Window Into Your Body’s Key Systems

All of our body’s systems work together, meaning that an imbalance in one area can have a marked effect on the functions of another. In particular, issues with thyroids—specifically hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism—as well as metabolic imbalances are common purveyors of imbalance and general poor health, including sluggishness, depression, weight gain, sleep difficulty, dry skin, and muscle aches.

In addition to providing clients with general information about their body’s systems, the Full Scan also serves as a sort of at home thyroid test and a mode of metabolic testing. Unlike blood tests, which are necessary for diagnosing specific illnesses, the information we glean from our sampling methods tells us something deeper: the contributing factors to these issues. So while we can’t tell you for sure if you have a thyroid or metabolic problem, our thyroid test and metabolic testing can tell you the underlying reasons you may be experiencing issues with these important systems. And this is the first step toward wellness—not simply assigning a name to something, but acknowledging areas of weakness and remedying them.

Address Your Chronic Health Concerns

We recommend the Full Scan for all of our clients looking to gain important insights into how their bodies are functioning, but we also find that it is especially useful for those individuals who are dealing with chronic health concerns. Clients with allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, adrenal fatigue, and Lyme Disease have found this testing invaluable.

If you suffer from a chronic health concern, you know just how exasperating it can be to constantly treat symptoms without truly treating the core of the problem. In addition to the frustration of failing to address the crux of the issue, treating multiple symptoms often leads to uncomfortable therapeutic interactions and side effects.

The Full Scan offers an alternative approach to those coping with chronic issues. Instead of pinpointing symptoms, we shine a light on direct causes. This speaks to one of the key tenets of homeopathic remedies, which is to administer specific, targeted issues with the minimal dosage possible. By going deeper into the causes of particular health concerns, the Full Scan enables greater specificity in natural regimens, and additional relief for those who suffer from chronic health concerns.

Leaders in Home Health Testing

The mission at Nourish Chiropractic is to help our clients feel better—faster, safer, and more efficiently. We are passionate about natural and holistic health, and we approach each of our clients as individuals with individual concerns and needs.

In addition to the full report that you receive with your Full Scan, we are also happy to schedule a follow up call where together we can discuss what the results mean and how best to move forward. Our goal is the exact same as yours: to get you as healthy as you can be. And we’re proud to be your partners in the pursuit of a healthier life.

Get Started with a Full Scan Today

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect natural remedy for an ongoing health concern or you just want to achieve better health and balance in your life, our Full Scan can help you achieve your goals. Contact us directly by sending us an email at or calling us at 218.770.3393. We are here to answer any questions you might have, and get you started on a path to optimal wellness.


Full Scan



Sensitivity + toxin + remedy + hormones + deficiencies + system performance + neurotransmitters (mental health) check

Nutrient Scan


Natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathics as well as nutritional supplements, can provide the necessary components to help our bodies reach optimal health. Instead of guessing which remedies or supplements are going to be best for an individual, at Nourish Chiropractic, clients are scanned against several therapeutic remedies. We are able to energetically use hair and saliva to identify what an individual’s body is wanting in order to find balance.


Although a particular remedy may work well for one person, a completely different remedy may work best for another person, even if the two people are experiencing similar issues. This takes the guesswork out of what it is your body is lacking or needing, making your goals easier to obtain. The Remedy Scan is a great option for everyone! It is especially great for those who aren’t chronically ill but still trying to take the extra steps to feel their absolute best.

Food & Environmental Sensitivity Scan


Are you frustrated with stomach bloat, skin issues, brain fog or joint pain? The information from our Sensitivity Scan is crucial. 


This scan is designed to help hone in on specific energetic environmental and food sensitivities. We bioenergetically scan your hair and saliva samples against nearly 350 potential environmental and food sensitivities. No remedies are tested within this scan.


To order your Sensitivity Scan click “Buy Now” and we will send a convenient collection kit, which you return with a sample of your hair and saliva. The samples are then analyzed by our technicians, and a detailed report based on our findings is sent to you within roughly 3 weeks of us receiving your samples.


Nutrient Scan



Customized remedies


Food & Environmental Sensitivity Scan



Tests food and environmental sensitivities

Balancing Scan


Before you can determine which specific homeopathy treatment is correct for you, you need to get a clear picture of your hormone imbalance or other imbalance in your body. The Balancing Scan helps you do that simply and safely.The Balancing Scan is composed of three different types of individual tests, all taken from the hair or saliva you send as samples.The hormone test looks at several different key hormones and tells you whether your body is producing too much or too little of one or more of them.


The resonating toxin test scans your system and organs for bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, mycotoxins, molds, and fungi that can be leading to a hormone imbalance or nutrient deficiency. The nutritional imbalance test looks for deficiencies in necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and enzymes.


The information you learn from the Balancing Scan will help guide you toward proper homeopathic remedies so that you can solve current health issues, prevent future ones, and better regulate your entire system.

Prenatal & Dietary Scan


When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to know exactly how to optimize your health for the benefit of yourself and your growing baby. The world of prenatal advice is full of conflicting information on what you should or shouldn’t eat, drink, or do. And while you’re likely receiving regular check-ups from your physician, knowing how to navigate the day-to-day dos and don’ts of pregnancy often requires a little more insight into exactly what is going on with your body.


The Prenatal Scan is an at home prenatal screening tool that can help mothers make better informed decisions about their diet, environment, and the best prenatal vitamins during their pregnancies. Along with regular, routine prenatal care, the Prenatal Scan offers a balanced approach to achieving the best health possible for both mom and baby.The Prenatal Scan consists of two separate scans that together give deep insights into the health of the expecting mother’s body.

The Dietary Scan can help you determine exactly what you are consuming that could be causing stomach bloat, skin issues, brain fog and even joint pain. It will also tell you about what nutrients you are lacking that could be contributing to digestive issues, sleeplessness, emotional fluctuations, just to name a few.


Balancing Scan




Prenatal & Dietary Scan



Nutritional imbalances plus full toxicity panel plus hormones plus customized regimen

Awareness Scan


Through the same way our scans can determine physical stressors and imbalances throughout the body, we can also determine resonating emotional imbalances and factors revolving them.

The Awareness Scan bioenergetically tests for Emotions, Colors, Gems, Essential Oils, Key Nutrients, and Polychrests providing a customized infused remedy to purchase to address these imbalances.


Awareness Scan


The Importance of Natural Health

The modern world puts a lot of unnatural stress on our bodies. From our reliance on fast, commercially processed foods to our near constant exposure to environmental toxins, it can often seem like the world we live in is out to get us. And in fact, the escalating rates of chronic illness, including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline suggest that the environment we live in is doing us a significant amount of harm.

Alternative medicine is part of an overall holistic approach to general health care and wellbeing. Though many homeopathic remedies have been appreciated and in use in other cultures for thousands of years, it’s actually only pretty recently that Western medicine has started to embrace alternative medicine as an important tool in the fight for better health.

Unlike more traditional modern medicine, alternative medicine is based on the idea that it’s always best to treat problems as specifically as possible and with the smallest dose possible. This is crucial for avoiding the myriad of health complications and side effects that often accompany pharmaceutical drugs. And while we will certainly always have a need for the innovations of standard medical care, there is something to be said for treating problems in simple manners and right at their roots.

The effectiveness of alternative medicine is evident in its widespread use across centuries and cultures. Science has been slower to pick up on the importance of natural, complementary care and there are a limited number of research studies available on natural remedies, but those that have been done show that alternative medicine has promising applications in everything from treating cancer to slowing the neurological advancement of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Our Process

In order to deal with ailments and sensitivities in the most targeted way possible, you first have to trace them to their roots. Our scans do just that, using a trusted and effective Bioresonance scanning process to garner crucial insights about functions and imbalances within the body.

The scanning process is simple. Here’s how it works: Once you order your scan, you can pick it up in the office or we'll send it to you which you then return with a hair sample and saliva sample. In the lab, they do a hair test and saliva test to look deep into the inner workings of your body, scanning for everything from food sensitivities and intolerances to hormone imbalances and deficits. We then send those results back to you.

The full scan is our broadest and most all-inclusive scan available. The Bioresonance scanning we do provides a wide range of insights, including levels of high stress or weakness, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, resonating toxins, and food and environmental sensitivities.

The prenatal scan provides expecting mothers with information on the health of their bodies, including sensitivities to close to 600 different food and environmental substances as well as any existing deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids.

The remedy scan helps take the guesswork out of choosing homeopathic remedies for natural health by examining exactly what nutrients your body is in need of. This helps us determine precisely which herbs and nutritional supplements you will benefit the most from.

The balancing scan is comprised of three different Bioresonance scans that look specifically at areas of imbalance within the body. These include a hormone test, a resonating toxin test, and a nutritional imbalance test. The balancing scan will also tell you what herbal and homeopathic remedies will best address your individual needs.

The sensitivity scan is designed to help you hone in on the causes of bloat, skin issues, mental fog, and joint pain. We scan your hair and saliva samples to figure out exactly which particular substances are reacting poorly with your systems, including nearly 600 potential environmental and food sensitivities.

The dietary scan provides those health conscience individuals information on the health of their bodies, including sensitivities to close to 600 different food and environmental substances as well as any existing deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids.

The environmental toxicity scan is a little different than our other tests. Instead of a hair test and saliva test, we test the soil and water you breathe and consume and look for common environmental toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, microbes, and resonating chemicals.

Get Started Today!

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. While we remain a small operation, our homeopathic experts – including technicians, coaches, and practitioners – boast over 60 combined years of natural health experience. We provide all of our clients with the experience, education, compassion, and support that they need to make real positive changes in their health and wellness, and have worked with clients across a broad range of ages and issues.

Here at Nourish Chiropractic, we’re dedicated to sharing our passion for holistic health, natural remedies, and clean, sustainable living with all who seek us out. In addition to our Bioresonance scans, we also offer a wide selection of safe and effective homeopathic remedies to treat ailments and imbalances directly at their source.

We’re here to answer any questions that you might have on scans, results, and natural health, so visit our contact page if you’d like to reach us directly. Thank you for stopping by, and congratulations on your first step toward a healthier life.


Our Kit

Our lab can determine your energetic health through scanning of hair and saliva or nail clippings. Collecting these samples is the first step in helping yourself achieve wellness.

All testing equipment is FDA approved.

home-health-testing copy.png

Our Product

We provide a detailed report on the complete energetic findings of the whole body scan: stress levels, food and environmental sensitivities, a list of resonating toxins, and what hormonal and nutritional imbalances are present in your body.


Natural Remedies For A Better Life

At Nourish Chiropractic, we believe that it should be easy to access information that helps you make more informed choices for a healthier life. We want to help other people learn more about their bodies so they can take control of the path to better wellness of mind, body, and spirit.


Using hair and saliva samples, we perform trusted and effective Bioresonance testing to scan the body for specific ailments and sensitivities. We also offer herbal and homeopathic remedies that help address findings, all of which are chosen based on years of experience and relevant data.

Bioresonance Scanning

We offer a range of scans to help our clients pinpoint areas of distress within their bodies. Our full scan offers our broadest range of key insights, and can offer important information on levels of high stress or weakness, food and environmental sensitivities, resonating toxins, and nutritional and hormonal imbalances. It combines two of our most popular requests – a hormone test and a food intolerance test – with other important variables to offer a full picture of what's going on internally.

Other scans we offer include: Prenatal ScanEnvironmental Toxicity ScanBalancing ScanRemedy ScanSensitivity Scan.

Each scan is designed to help you gain deeper insight into your body so that you can take better control of your health.

Who Our Clients Are

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, including an interest in alternative medicine as well as a preference for natural products for health and beauty. Some want a sensitivity test to hone in on areas of weakness within their body so that can better know how to obtain complete nourishment, while others are seeking insight into how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Whatever their initial reason for coming to us, each of our clients shares our belief that the more we know about our bodies, the better we can provide for them.

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Rachel’s Story

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Testimonials From Testing Site

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Lynn K.

"My words cannot express the amazing love I have for your passion to help others. First the testing site helped me after 5 months of having no period, feeling exhausted every day to now having my energy back. And yes my period is back to a regular cycle. My physical in April came back normal yet I explained to my doctor all of my struggles. Secondly, Walter my sphynx cat has been struggling with runny stool ever since we changed up his food when his sister came home. The vet ran tests and changed Walters food and gave him an antibiotic but still no changes. The vet wanted Walter to come back in for more tests. The testing site ran swabs and took nail clippings on Lucy and Walter and found huge food sensitivities along with tons of other stuff. Within 1 day of changing Walters food he no longer has runny stool and has so much more energy. Lucy has a wheat allergy and already after a week she is loosing her wheat belly. The love and passion you have to help others is beyond amazing. I am so blessed to have found you and amazed at the amazing results not only with myself but now my babies. (Sphynx's) Love Your Work and Passion!"

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