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Testimonials From Testing Site

Lynn K.

"My words cannot express the amazing love I have for your passion to help others. First the testing site helped me after 5 months of having no period, feeling exhausted every day to now having my energy back. And yes my period is back to a regular cycle. My physical in April came back normal yet I explained to my doctor all of my struggles. Secondly, Walter my sphynx cat has been struggling with runny stool ever since we changed up his food when his sister came home. The vet ran tests and changed Walters food and gave him an antibiotic but still no changes. The vet wanted Walter to come back in for more tests. The testing site ran swabs and took nail clippings on Lucy and Walter and found huge food sensitivities along with tons of other stuff. Within 1 day of changing Walters food he no longer has runny stool and has so much more energy. Lucy has a wheat allergy and already after a week she is loosing her wheat belly. The love and passion you have to help others is beyond amazing. I am so blessed to have found you and amazed at the amazing results not only with myself but now my babies. (Sphynx's) Love Your Work and Passion!"


"I was impressed with the success my 4 year-old enjoyed as a result of the full scans and remedies.. Being a bit older than him, I figured I could benefit from a detox. Sure enough, after a month of supplements, my period returned for the first time in 2 years after the birth of our second son. I really like how you get different remedies after each scan, the right remedies for what your body needs."


"On his second birthday, our son had a blood test for food sensitivities to develop an unsuccessful and stressful elimination diet. The frequent messy, undigested bowel movements persisted. A skin allergy test told us there were no food "allergies." When he was almost 4, we were finally referred for a full scan. Within a month of eliminating the foods detected that were bothering him (sugar and baking additives I used to make gluten-free substitutes), he finally started having firm bowel movements! His gut could finally heal! He is now 7 and I am still thankful that every bite is no longer a planned ordeal."


"Just finished my first week of the regimen and I feel amazing! So far, there haven't been any major detox signs like I was expecting but my nails are growing super strong and fast and my skin is glowing - I get compliments from everyone! Not to mention, I'm also sleeping much better and overall my energy levels seem higher and more consistent. I'm so excited to see how I feel after week 4! Thank you so much for all your support."


"I must give a HUGE praise for the work you are doing. After the second dose on my second day of taking supplements, my energy level was improved. Every day since has been a continued gradual improvement. I no longer spend my days exhausted on the sofa. I make it all the way through the day without a nap. And I'm sleeping so soundly at night; I no longer wake up exhausted. My health is not where I want it to be yet, but I’ve already made huge strides in the right direction. Thank YOU!"

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