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"When I'm adjusted, I sleep better and feel better.  I came in with a sore lower back and hips. After years of racing cars and snocross, it's just what my body needed. 


It's been 5 years now and I love getting adjusted because I feel so much better; everyone in my family gets adjusted with Dr. Erika, even my little brother who was born with hearing issues and they all feel better too."

 ~Nick C.


I personally love Standard Process nutrition and I highly recommend them.  My newest favorite is Turmeric Forte!! I have been taking a variety of them for a little over two years and not only do I feel like my body is healthier but when I have lab work at the CLINIC those results are better also!

~Jill S.


"Dr. Erika is amazing!  I have been under her care for the last three years.  I first started seeing her for shoulder and neck pain.  Through the course of my treatment she has managed the pain and so much more.  She has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle with diet, exercise and vitamins. 

Along with that she introduced me to massage therapy for easier and longer lasting adjustments... this has changed my life physically and mentally.  Dr. Erika is not only my chiropractor, but someone I consider family.

 ~Jill H.

Nutrition & Orthotics

"I came in with diabetes, gout, neuropathy in the feet and a lean to me because of a short leg. She has worked with me to make all those conditions stable and in so much better control. We've added nutrition for the conditions, orthotics for the feet and changed my shoe for the leg length. I feel so much better! The neuropathy bugged me so bad before but not now. And I am getting off blood pressure meds and soon another med that I have been taking for years. Thank you for your help!!"

 ~Doug W.


Dr. Erika is the best!!!!  I haven't ever felt this great.  Life changing.  Period.  After starting Standard Process my body feels great and she was able to help me lose weight easily!! This place rocks.

~Brooke J.

Ear Infections

I was referred to Dr. Erika by another mom. She told me that her child has ear infections and have improved so much by seeing Dr. Erika


We were using the walk in for Becks ear infections because we found it hard to get into see his doctor and/or the ear infections happened over the weekend. Beck has taken a lot of antibiotics over the past 6 months and they really don’t help.


Beck has seen Dr. Erika for other reasons since he was a few months old. And I am so very happy to say that since he has had only 3 treatments with Dr. Erika he has NOT had an ear infection!!!


Dr. Erika is truly amazing. She is so caring and she does miracles for our family. I highly recommend using Dr. Erika.


Pain led me here. I had hand numbness and neck pain. I was used to taking ibuprofen or other OTC remedies, not a very good option for the long run.

I have been a client for over 2 years and I am very much improved. My neck pain is practically gone. I come in monthly and continued adjustments have continually improved my issues.


Dr. Erika is great, very relatable and has worked with my SCHEDULE to meet my needs. It is very much appreciated!

~ Anissa H.


I came to see Dr. Erika from a family recommendation for neck pain that was so severe it was affecting my jaw and vision. I had a stiff and sore neck, poor posture and in incident where I lost vision temporarily because of a pinched nerve. I have anxiety and depression and frequent nightmares.

In the four weeks I’ve been here, my neck is far more flexible and pain free. My anxiety/depression has decreased significantly. My nightmares are less frequent too.


My words of encouragement for others, FOLLOW THROUGH! Take the supplements and continue care to see actual results. Don’t skimp on yourself. I’ve enjoyed my changes!

~ Jessica H.

Chiropractic & Nutrition

As a mom of 5, my shoulders and neck and back were always tight.  I had constant headaches and back pain. I had seen other chiropractors. It’s been over 5 years now and I have started with new nutritional habits to help with my overall health.


Upkeep is key! Bring your family and enjoy the benefits we have!!

~ Mandy D.


My mom had great luck with Dr. Erika and suggested her. My neck is tight and shoulders- I had constant headaches too. After care this last year, my body isn’t as tight, my posture is better and my headaches have gotten better/less frequent.


Trust your body- when you feel like you need some TLC, give yourself some TLC and don’t forget to be THANKFUL for all your body does and can do!


~ Alyssa H.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! My cycle this month has been nothing but heavenly!!!! Little to no cramping and bloat, and very medium flow!!!! Not sure if it is the new nutrition or the mixture of the two!!! Oh and one more thing... I don't remember the last time I didn't need an ultra absorbency tampon.

~ Jill H.


One dose of Allerplex and my sinuses cleared. I woke up and they weren't stuffy. They had been a 10/10 bad. Another dose of the other nutrient and my highs and lows were balanced out. I'm calling my doctor to go off a couple prescriptions.


~ Gwen S.

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