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Rachel’s Story

Stress and Hormones

In September of 2012, shortly following the death of her father, Rachel noticed a huge shift in her health.  A wife and mother of two, she had just lost her father. She was feeling run down with no energy and her moods were unstable.  To top it off she started to lose hair and notice skin issues she had never seen before. With unexplainable weight gain she became more frustrated with the inability to lose it.  She found herself feeling indecisive with simple decisions in her life and lacking enthusiasm and interest in areas where she once found joy.  Out of desperation Rachel sought out multiple practitioners in varying fields of health and spent what seemed like endless amounts of wasted money. In May of 2015 she learned about a scanning technique through a friend that she had never heard of before called bioresonance testing. This hair and saliva scanning technique has been bringing Rachel’s body back into balance ever since by identifying her stress levels and determining exactly what her body needs.

Upon doing her first scan, it was clear that Rachel was experiencing stress in a number of different areas of her body, but mostly in her endocrine system…and even more specifically in her adrenal glands and thyroid.  Her scan showed that her body was carrying numerous toxins, like chemicals and heavy metals, which have a habit of disrupting and settling in endocrine glands.  With these important glands being disturbed, it was shown in her scan that numerous hormone levels were off and most likely a major culprit in many of her complaints.

Following her first scan, Rachel ordered the remedies that came up in her report and she began noticing a difference in how she was feeling. Her body was not yet completely balanced out, which is quite normal, as the process is not a quick fix.  With each scan and regimen that Rachel followed through with she was seeing improvement and progress with each passing day.  The remedies in which she took helped to remove the damaging toxins from the body while fortifying systems in need within the body.

The scans also gave Rachel an inside look at food and environmental sensitivities. She had no idea that corn, gluten, eggs, pollen, and cat hair were such big issues for her!  This pertinent information has allowed her to be able to avoid the stressful triggers creating even more havoc inside her body.

Since starting the scanning process, Rachel has noticed more energy, the ability to maintain her weight, and stubborn skin issues that have almost completely disappeared.  With incredible enthusiasm she admits that she feels more grounded and less stress than ever before.

Having experienced such incredible shifts in her own health, she has now started both of her children on the scanning process. Rachel states, ‘I am so thankful I found them and am getting back to me!’

It’s amazing how weak the body can become in moments of stress, yet incredible how resilient it is when given exactly what it needs.

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