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Environmental Toxicity Scan



Heavy Metal Testing

Are You Affected by Environmental Toxins?

The short answer: Probably.
The world that we live in is full of human-made and naturally occurring substances that disrupt and disturb the systems and organs that function within our bodies creating a need for heavy metal testing. We are constantly absorbing the indoor and outdoor substances that we come into contact with, from gasoline fumes to household cleaning product chemicals to bacterium and molds to pesticides and herbicides. We can even be exposed to environmental toxins through the food that we eat or substances that we consume in our drinking water.
None of us are immune to the negative effects of environmental toxins, though the precise ways that each of us process and respond to these substances can vary from person to person. The Environmental Scan is a toxicity test that can tell you which environmental toxins you are particularly sensitive to, thus allowing you to make a conscious effort to avoid interactions with them in your day to day life.

Learn Even More with a Toxicity Test and Heavy Metal Testing

Knowing which particular environmental substances are present in your soil and water is important for a healthier life, but if you don’t know exactly where and how you are facing exposure to the substance or substances it can be very difficult to effectively avoid them. Our Environmental Toxicity Scan allows you to test the water and soil in and around your home or office and determine which—if any—toxins are energetically present there.
For the at home toxicity test, we’ll send you a collection kit which you’ll return with a small sample of soil and/or water from the area that you would like to test. Once we receive the samples, our testing facility will test the samples for common environmental toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, microbes, and resonating chemicals.
The more that you know about the toxins in your environment, the better you are able to protect yourself from exposure to those toxins that you are sensitive to or that pose a risk for
potential health problems down the road. Our Toxicity Scan helps solve some of the mystery.

Quality Home Health Testing You Can Trust

Our products help our clients answer questions about the health of the world around them and their own individual bodies that can then assist them in making more informed decisions for a healthier, more balanced life.
Our home health testing kits, including our Environmental Toxicity Scan, designed to assist you in solving the mysteries—both known and unknown—that affect you in your daily living. Our comprehensive scanning technique is called BioResonance, and is performed at a trusted testing facility. If you have any questions about the results of your scan, please do not hesitate to schedule a follow up call with one of our homeopathic experts so that we can discuss the results and how to move forward with the information.
Our goal is to help make a difference in your health, whether that be addressing root causes of chronic health concerns or identifying the substances in the environment that your body doesn’t tolerate very well. We hope to work with you on the path to a stronger body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t Keep Wondering—Order Your Environmental Scan Today!

Our team is standing by ready to answer any questions that you might have about environmental sensitivities and toxins and get you moving toward a healthier and more balanced life. Contact us directly by sending us an email at or calling us at 218.770.3393

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