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Dietary Scan



The Dietary Scan

The Dietary Scan can help you determine exactly what you are consuming that could be causing stomach bloat, skin issues, brain fog and even joint pain. It will also tell you about what nutrients you are lacking that could be contributing to digestive issues, sleeplessness, emotional fluctuations, just to name a few. To complete the scan, we’ll send you a convenient collection kit, which you then return to us with a sample of your hair and saliva. Based on these samples, our comprehensive BioResonance sensitivity testing will be able to determine which particular substances are reacting poorly with your systems, including nearly 600 potential environmental and food sensitivities. Armed with this crucial information, you’ll know exactly what foods cause your discomfort so you can better avoid them. The​ ​Nutritional​ ​Imbalance​ portion of the ​test​ looks for deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids, and then provides that information along with common food sources for obtaining the deficient nutrients that are so critical for your health and wellbeing.


There are many easy changes that you can make in your life and in the way you approach eating that can reduce discomfort and have an overall positive effect on your digestive system. A Dietary Scan can take it a step further, giving you greater control over your body. Ready to get started with food sensitivity and nutritional testing? Simply add this test to your cart to check out, or contact us directly by sending us an email at or calling us at 218.770.3393

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